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In the Centre sport is very important. Every year there are winter and summer camps organised. The participeted in it pacients have opportunity to learn new skills like e.g. skiing. ... [more]


In the Centre there is forge, build in traditional, Japanese style. It is already the second forge established on the based of previous experience. The group of patients gathered around the leader practise forge the Japanise swords. ... [more]


In the Centre there is a tai chi group. The practising style is Yang tai chi chuan. Our teachers are people learnt by master Zhang from Polish-Chinese Wu Shu Assosiation "Nan Bei". ... [more]


We create in the Centre conditions for sports archery training, which complements the therapy program. There is opportunity both to learn and to train on the professional level. ...[more]


Activity is essential, so taking up a challenge, according to the proverb "It's not a saint who make the pot" we built the pottery workshop. ... [more]