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In the Centre there is forge, build in traditional, Japanese style. It is already the second forge established on the based of previous experience. The group of patients gathered around the leader practise forge the Japanise swords.The atmosphere of this undertaking, shows on the best way article of our leader:


Every young man watching his first Japanese movie about samurai undoubtedly would find himself - at least for a while - under a charm of Japanese sword. My own youthful fascination of this subject has come true at least into the workshop, the forge. Along with the group of patients we started to learn this old technique forging steel into sword, at the beggining groping for the method, later folloving professional advices of mr Krzysztof Panas from Łańcut.

There is no point of describing another time the history of sword, what it is made from etc. There is already enough materials on the subject, on the net or in the books. I would rather write a few words about our adventure, our attempt to learn making such a sublime technically thing.

Firstly, there is a need to build a forge. In our case that was the second attempt - the previous forge even though we were very proud and happy after its finishing, we had to close it, it was to hot inside in the summer. It's nice job to build in group something from the base, this itself is excellent therapeutic opportunity ( main idea of Monar from Marek Kotański). Collecting all essential equipment and learning how to operate it, hours spent on study professional literature - are the next steps. It may sound like a truism, but the science where the student is looking himself for a knowledge is the ideal of studying. Then, first attempts, mistakes and disapointments, and after months - the first small effects, we felt like new Columbus.

We have few sponsors of our work, they have no doubts whether help us or not - all credit to them for that. It might be, that they were too under the charm of Japanese sword.

Majdan Kozic Dolnych sierpień 2003r.
Pająk Grzegorz