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We create in the Centre conditions for sports archery training, which complements the therapy program. There is opportunity both to learn and to train on the professional level. For many people that discipline become a passion. It is for everyone, regardless of age. By archery training patients develop themselves, they work on themselves. The emotions control, selfconfidence, frustration tolerance, divisibility of attention, motivating competition are formed by that.



There is a registered archery club in the Centre, what enable patients to participate actively in sports competition on different levels. It also allow them to integrate with the people from outside the Centre. Our Leader is the president of the District Archery Association, and one of the therapist is the archery instructor. We cooporate with the clubs from other cities.


At present we are under construction of a sports hall, what enable archery training for a whole year. Archery is a way to relaxation and to have a good fun too.



Our achievements to date: