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The main therapeutic purpose is to build constructive, socially acceptable value system, which would be able to determined goals and interests of the patients and prepare them to independent return to the open society. It is achieved by:

  • supporting personal development community members,
  • inventing the new technics of behaviour e.g. in difficult situations,
  • development of interpersonal skills,
  • creating altruistic attitiudes,
  • learning mechanisms of addiction and abilities preventing its recurrence,
  • broading awareness of one's limitations, their origins sources and consequences,
  • expresing one's feelings and emotions,
  • learning honesty and responsibility,
  • learning assertive behaviour.

Realization methods

The therapy program is based on the therapeutic community methods, in which the main pressure is put on the rule of free communications between patients and finding of one's own identity in group comparison with  the group. At the same time take place the individual therapy (which is appeared from analysis of personal situation, family and health conditions), group therapy, group divided into the gender (where problems typical for man and woman are solved), therapy for the patiens advanced in the theraphy. There are also educational meetings (e.g. improving HIV - AIDS knowledge, dietetic technics of health care) and possibilities for outside work (patients start the income job before finishing the therapy). The pressure is also put on sports and recreational activities.

Time of realization the program

The terapeutic process is divided into the stages:
  • newcomer,
  • household member,
  • pretender,
  • monarowiec.

Each stage has clearly determined and specified tasks, rights and duties. At the end of each stage patients get information from the group which allow to build the essential distance to oneself and to verify the self-knowledge.  Dividing into stages allows the gradual insight into oneself and understanding personal problems reduce the anxiety connected with giving up narcotics, feeling of emptiness and thinking about future.
The time of the theraphy is adapted to the personal needs, takes about 12 - 18 months.

The rules of a Centre

1) Admition to a Centre is for adults, sober, with appropriate referral.

2) In a Centre demanded is abstinence from: all kind psychoactive substance, alkohol, coffee and sex.

3) In a Centre prohibited is agresion both werbal and phisical.

4) The condition for staying is to obey the principles of terapeutic community work and Rules of the Centre.

5) The definitive decisions in substancial issues take therapeutic personnel of the Centre.

6) Patient may contact family by phone after two months of staying.

  • The first family visit might take place after first pacient's home visit (after minimum 5 months).
  • Correspondence and parcels send to the Centre are meticulously controlled to exclude prohibited sobstance.
7) In case of lack of therapy progress possible is disciplinary expel patient from a Centre.

8) The Centre does not take responsibility for the belongings left in there.