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In the Centre there is a tai chi group. The practising style is Yang tai chi chuan. Our teachers are people learnt by master Zhang from Polish-Chinese Wu Shu Assosiation "Nan bei". There was a few days trainning in the Centre, conducted by Jakub Dudkiewicz, master Zhang student. The practicing patients have also opportunity to participate in tai chi seminars organised in Lublin, with well-known teachers are invited. Daily, patients are equipped with educational video and CD materials.



" Slow movement under the trees, breath like a puff of wind, connection with nature in soothing rhythm. Head shoulders, hands, legs and feet move together without stopping, flowing without tension, like into the new, filled everything around element; another time, another place..." (P. Crompton "Tai chi").




The Centre is the place, where patients can find themselves again, a place to thing about their lives. The addicted people due to their previous live style have the sense of emptiness. The art and pfilosophy of tai chi is good for filling that empty space.  Tai chi belongs to internal, soft style of fight. Patients practising this art of slowly exercises say, that it gives them calmness, relax, balance, experience of harmony body and soul. It is said about tai chi, as it is meditation in movement. Practising fees people from mundane thoughts, it directs thinking to higher level, leads to spiritual development.

With the tai chi stricly connected is yin-yang conception. These terms concerns the creative forces, which all the time change, they effect one another on the way that action of the first couses action of the second. This yin-yang concept is expressed in the diagram "The Highest Unity". It proves, that there is no aspect exist in pure form, it always contain something oppositional. That concept might be helpful in analising many types of human activity and it is an idea to think over for tai chi apprentise.

 It is worth to mention about chi-kung practice, which is contained in tai chi training. Chi-kung means oznacza developing chi - the inner human energy. In chi-kung practice one assumes specific posture, regulates breathing and concentrates the power of mind. It is reliable and efficient way of taking care of the health. Chi-kung therapy makes opportunity to return body to normal, balanced condition. It might be invaluable for patients, who often suffer from various phisical complaints.